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Академический камерный хор им. Д.Бортнянского (Akademicki Chór im. D. Bortniańskiego) Czernichów, Ukraina

Bortnyansky academic chamber choir

CityЧернигов (Chernihiv), Ukraina
Zip code14000
Addressпроспект Мира 15
Phone number+380462675893
Choir typechór mieszany
Age Groupdzieci
Exists since1996
Languages of communication Bulgarian, English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian,
Entered 2013-06-11
Updated 2015-11-22
Moderator Ivan Bohdanov
Ivan Bohdanov

Days and hours of choir repetitions
To be updated
The Chamber Choir named after Dmytro Bortnyansky was founded in 1996 by Lyubomyr Bodnaruk - its first chief conductor. The team of the choir includes the best performers of Chernihiv region.

The Chamber Choir was the participant and prize-winner of such International Choral Festivals as “The Chimes of Halychyna” (Ivano-Frankivsk,2000), “Dreams” (Lviv, 2001), “Karmina-2000” (Gliwice, Poland). The choir won the Grand Prix at the Chamber Choirs’ Competition “Victoria-2001” in Yalta. Bortnyansky Chamber Choir was given the status of the Academic choir by order of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine on 30September in 2008. Since 2009 the choir is the regular participant of the annual “International Choral Easter Assembly “O Lord, O Lord, in Thy Strength”.

In 2010, upon recommendation of authoritative choir conductors of Ukraine, Ivan Bohdanov became the art director and chief conductor of the choir. He is the prize-winner of Ukrainian Festival Competition. In 2011, during the prestigious International Competition of Vocal Bands, Bortnyansky Academic Chamber Choir won the Grand Prix for the second time. This notable event was highlighted by Ukrainian newspaper “The Day”: “Bortnyansky Academic Chamber Choir from Chernihiv won the Grand Prix. This choir is worthy of being called the emblem of both the competition and the final concert at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. The choir, guided by the chief conductor Ivan Bohdanov, carried on a brilliant performance, demonstrating its monolithic sound together with the striking synchronism and the balance of voices. This performance noted the nobleness and gravity of musical works by Dmytro Bortnyansky. And this seems to be the best way to honour the memory of such a great composer during the competition named after him.

For 16 years of its existence the repertoire of the choir was enriched with more than 300 separate compositions and cycles. The choir performs various musical compositions of the period from XII up to XXI centuries and this fact proves the multivector nature of the choir’s repertoire.

The repertoire of the choir was carefully thought out and it was approved both historically and artistically and it is always based upon the high standard of the choir’s works. The life of the choir is full of interesting artistic explorations. The increasing interest to the Chamber Choir is the result of its outstanding achievements.
The сhoir conductors from Germany and the Netherlands are constantly collaborating with the Chamber Choir. Bortnyansky Academic Chamber Choir takes active part in various artistic events in Ukraine and overseas, for example in Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus and others, and is interested in constatnt cooperation with choirs from abroad.

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