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WE ARE SINGING CRACOW International Choral Festival

Starting date2020-09-12
Ending date2020-09-14
Submission deadline2020-07-15
Country, CityPoland, KRAKOW
Event locationKRAKOW
Entered 2020-03-24 by We Are Singing

We Are Singing Cracow is a non-competitive meeting of all choir categories.

The choirs will participate for the joy of singing, and to share their music with other choirs and audience members. This festival gives you an unique chance to get to know the magic city of Cracow and to sing in beautiful halls of Bochnia Salt Mine and Polish churches. A weekend-long festival of music, friendship and discovery awaits! Highlights will include a Final Concert in Bochnia Salt Mine, an unique concert venue 135 meters underground. Individual choir concerts in Cracow, sight-seeing trips and activities for visiting choirs are also planned.



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