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2023 Choral festival We Are SingingDunum

2023 Choral festival We Are SingingDunum

Starting date2023-09-22
Ending date2023-09-24
Submission deadline2023-07-15
Country, CitySerbia, SERBIA -BELGRADE
Event locationSERBIA -BELGRADE
Entered 2022-09-13 by We Are Singing

The choral festival We Are SingingDunum is open to choirs and vocal ensembles of all genres, types and sizes - from church choirs to vocal bands. The Festival invites all participating ensembles to perform a 20-minute programme on the festival stages. From concert halls, churches, or open-air stages, you'll find the perfect setting for every style of music.


The  highlight of Festival is the massed choirs, where participating choirs come together to rehearse and sing in huge choir,  at the Kolarac Concert Hall experience to all performers and audience members alike and brings a whole new outlook on performances.





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