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V International Choral Festival "We Are Singing Adriatic"

V International Choral Festival "We Are Singing Adriatic"

Starting date2019-04-12
Ending date2019-04-15
Submission deadline2019-02-15
Country, CityCroatia, Opatija
Event locationPostojna Cave
Entered 2018-02-12 by We Are Singing

Welcome to the 5th @We Are Singing Adriatic 2019 International Choral Festival! It will take place in Opatija (Croatia) and Postojna Cave (Slovenia), both of which offer a large number of various cultural and entertainment events.
The dates of festival are APRIL 12-15, 2019
We Are Singing Adriatic is a non-competitive meeting of all choir categories. The choirs will participate for the joy of singing, and to share their music with other choirs and audience members. This festival gives you a unique chance to get to know the amazing city of Opatija, on the Adriatic Coast, and to sing in beautiful halls and churches.

A weekend-long festival of music, friendship and discovery awaits! Highlights will include a Final Concert in Postojna Cave, a magnificent place, the Concert Hall is almost 40 m high and can hold 10000 people. The echo is very strong and lasts 6 seconds. Individual choir concerts in venues in and around Opatija, sight-seeing trips and activities for visiting choirs are also planned.
Watch our story https://www.facebook.com/WeAreSinging/videos/803613759815563/
If you have any questions regarding this info, please send us a message through Twitter, Facebook, or our E-mail, thanks in advance!
We look forward seeing you at the festival!

Festival Organizer
VIRTUS TRAVEL Rovinj Croatia
Tel. +38552916955
e-mail: festival@virtus-travel.com

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