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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2017-02-06
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"Treasures of Music: Armenia" choral project - change of deadline and links to materials

We move the deadline to the project to May 2017, and due to many requests from conductors, we also give links to sources where Armenian music is available

In relation to the project announced here we are publishing sources allowing you to prepare the recording:

Here you will find a lot of recordings and notes of various songs, including choral sheets:
And here choral collections of works by Komitas:


Registration deadline move, because we have not received the promised subsidies from a reliable source and now we have to find other means to release the album.

We decided this time to use financing from the social, so we will run the crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will last until May. We ask you also to help in carrying out the campaign - if you would like to take part in it as partners, funders of rewards, you have cool ideas on how you can to attract potential donors, or you can help in the dissemination of the campaing - please contact us. We plan to launch a campaign in about a week.

Deadline is changed to the half of May or beginning of June. We would like to have the album ready in mid-October, because then it is planned to visit the choir from Armenia in Poland, which would nicely close this project.

On the picture - a symbol of Armenia, Mount Ararat, the same on which settled Noah's ark after the flood. Monastery on the right is called Khor Virap.


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