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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2017-03-04
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Treasures of Music: Armenia - press information about the project and crowdfunding compaing

Treasures of Music: Armenia - press information about the project and crowdfunding compaing
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"Treasures of Music: Armenia" is the name of the international cultural project - a CD under the above title, containing Armenian traditional music performed by choirs from many countries. It has to be a modest contribution to the popularization of nearly unknown music from the cradle of Christian civilization.

The project is open cometition, ongoing until May 2017: any choir can send its recordings of Armenian repertoire. A list of winner recordings will be chosen by an international jury and qualified choirs will be placed on the CD and get some CD's for themselves, for free distribution. There are already recordings from Armenia, Poland and Germany, there is also an application from Ukraine choir. The disc will not be for sale, it will be available only from the project participants or the organizers. It shall be ready by October 2017.

Organiser of the project is Chórtownia Foundation - the NGO that runs world-known international portal for choirs www.chortownia.org. Thanks to the site choirs establish contacts with each other, invite each other to festivals, concerts and inform about other choral events. Chórtownia also hosts choirs from abroad, organizes IT seminars and  workshops with Polish choral music in (e.g. within the framework of the Armenian-Polish-Moldovan choral project "In terra pax"). It also released the album "The Sound of Europe II" with choral music from seven countries: Polish, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia. Chórtownia portal, containing more than 950 choirs, hundreds of festivals and scores of notes is operating under the address www.chortownia.org. The co-organizer of this project is the Armenian Choral Conductors' Association (ACCA) and the Union of Armenians in Poland.

Ambassador of the project is Father Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski, Armenian Polish, pastor of Armenian parish in Gliwice, president of the Brother Albert Foundation, that looks after people with intellectual disabilities. 

Like any NGO organization, Chórtownia also has to raise funds for its activities. It uses also social financing in the belief that during the crowdfunding campaign, which helps gathering money for this project, many people would hear about choral music and beautiful, mysterious Armenia. Funds are required for mastering and production of 3,000 CDs with booklets, which will include information about the artists, and of Armenia, as well as their expensive transport to the countries from which participating choirs come.

"The prototype of crowdfunding was a subscription, popular in the eighteenth and even the nineteenth century. Composer proposed purchase of a song to wealthy music lovers, and when he gathered a sufficient number of subscribers, which gave a guarantee that the work will not bring losses, undertook the printing. Earliest works of Beethoven came to exist in this way. " - writes Danuta Gwizdalanka work "The Golden Age of chamber music." Today, it is becoming more and more popular form of fundraising, which consists of payments to the supported project on various online platforms. In this case, it is a platform odpalprojekt.pl.

Address of the campaign, which will continue until the end of April this https://odpalprojekt.pl/projekty/pokaz/1187,treasures-of-music-armenia

Organizers, together with its partners have prepared interesting rewards for supporting the project. Please havea look and become a Donor of this unique work!


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