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Country: Georgia
Starting date: 2017-10-07
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Some words about Tbilisi Choral Music International Festival

Some words about Tbilisi Choral Music International Festival
In 2017 a historic stage for Georgia has ended by visa free travel (VLAP) implementation within the EU countries. This process of international integration should not be limited only by travel and excursions possibility.

Georgia should become a member of the European family alongside the countries with rich cultural values. This culture entry should be carried by artistic genres including, first of all, Georgian national music, ancient choral folk and comparatively modern professional music.

Georgian polyphone has already a unique position among the world vocal performance forms, national folklore has became a basement for our professional compositions. There is a long list of choral pieces in the portfolios of Georgian composers. This national heritage needs promotion.


Tbilisi Choral Music International Festival is the best platform for national music promotion, and its area is significantly expanding with time. The number of international applicants is growing. We have to give a deserved appreciation to the well-directed cooperation of this Festival and its founders, Mrs. Maia Chachava, The Tbilisi Mayor Office and The Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia.

Also, we have to emphasize an improving growth of performance skills of the participating choirs, which becomes a merit of the festival.

Choral singing is a great ancient tradition of Georgia. During its existence it had its ups and downs but it never stopped, recent period vividly shows a strong recovering tendency of this performing tradition and this is also undisputedly another merit of TCMIF.

Among the genres of choral singing, classical choral singing is the most democratic one. It is known for its strong influential power; there have been dramatic cases in the histories of the countries when a choir took a leading decisive role. Becoming a member of European family is exactly such historic case for Georgia. TCMIF, by receiving a continuous financial assistance, will expand its scale and area, increasing the number of Georgian and foreign participants.

Georgia has all condition for this – a great centuries long history of folk choral polyphone singing, tradition of choral performance by folk and academic choirs, grand masters of choral professional music – classical and modern composers, talented singers and chanters, many children choirs, gifted choirmasters and representatives of older and younger generations….

Choral music connoisseurs will wait for every festival concert and share esthetic values, so richly created by choral sound.

Rusudan Kutateladze

Musicologist, Dr. of Arts

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