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Country: Russia
Starting date: 2011-05-18
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A może do Moskwy?

Dostałam info o organizowanym w Moskwie międzynarodowym kongresie chóralnym. Info w załączeniu

Dear friends, Dear Colleagues!

We suggest:

- choral groups of all genres and directions (national and folklore,
religious, academic, student, youth etc.);
- vocal ensembles of all genres and directions;
- vocalists (as part of or accompanied by a choir or vocal ensemble);
- composers;
- pianist-accompanists;
- instrumentalists ( with chorus or vocal ensemble );
- directors and producers of "choir performance" genre;
- festival organizers;

To participate in Fourth international Festival-Congress of non-commercial
choral arts “CHORUS INSIDE – 2011”

Place and time: Moscow, On May, 18-22th, 2011

The possibility of remote participation is stipulated in case of lack of
opportunity to be in Moscow (see Regulations about festival ).

Among founders of Festival – RSUH, ForumKlassika.ru, Art-Center, The
incorporated choral movement.

President of the Festival-Congress – Boris Tarakanov (The founder of the
largest free musical internet-archive http://notes.tarakanov.net, choral
conductor, professor, academician)


For general information:

in English: +7 916 251-52-07
in Italyan: +7 903 741-07-57
in Russian: +7-909-682-31-06

E-mail: info@chorus-inside.ru (copy: chorus-info@mail.ru)

Official Facebook-channel:

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