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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2014-10-29
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Project "The Sound of Europe II"

We issue an international panel of national songs from 7 countries - join us!

Let me announce that the Chórtownia Foundation is starting the project "The Sound of Europe II" - a CD album to be a compilation of tracks from the countries cooperating with the portal: Polish, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria and Hungary.

The CD will contain 2 or 3 folk songs from each country in choral arrangement. For Poland as the host country, there is a space for 4 pieces.

The album will be similar to that published by me 15 years ago under the auspices of another organization, People to People International:

I announce a contest in which the prize is to put winning choir recordings on this CD and 100 copies of the disc for use of the choir.


We are waiting for the recordings to the end of 2014 - please send them through dropbox, other services to exchange large files or snail mail (I will give physical address to interested choirs). Submitted materials will not be returned or used for any other purpose than the recording of the disc.

We will take under consideration the recording quality, the level of performance and repertoire. To be in compliance with the law, we expect transfer of copyright to the relevant field of exploitation in the written form with the choir. We don't finance recording songs by choirs, only mastering and the whole production of the disc.

The project is funded by the Sponsor, whose name will be given later.


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