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Country: Poland
Starting date: 2015-02-01
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Jakub Neske's Mironczarnia Virtual Choir

Jakub Neske's Mironczarnia Virtual Choir
The newest project based on the Virtual Choir concept created by Eric Whitacre.

Hello Singers, 

My name is Jakub Neske and I would like to invite you to take part in the newest project based on the Virtual Choir concept, called Mironczarnia Virtual Choir.

In this project we will be performing Mironczarnia, a piece for mixed a cappella choir which I composed about two years ago. It was awarded by Ennio Morricone in the International Competition of Choral Composition (Italy, 2014) and received Silver Platter Award for quality repertoire from ACDA ChoralNet (USA, 2014).

Mironczarnia Virtual Choir is a tribute to Miron Białoszewski, the poet and author of the poem Mironczarnia, in the 60th anniversary of his debut.

The participation is of course free of charge and it would be great if you would like to participate. More information can be found at http://j.neske.eu/virtualchoir - you can download the score written in your language and find all the practice materials and instructions there.

The result of the project will be a video assembled from all of the submitted recordings. Although all of them will be recorded separately by each singer in front of a computer screen, when combined it will sound like a real, multi-voice mixed choir.

I would be grateful for sharing this information with your singing friends.

Best regards, Jakub Neske.
Mironczarnia Virtual Choir


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