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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2015-02-23
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Chortownik - choral news. February 2015

In the February issue of Chórtownik you will read about:
- The death of Andrzej Koszewski
- New features in Chórtownia portal
- Jakub Neske's virtual choir
- Scientific conference for choral conductors in Zielona Gora

In the February issue of Chórtownik you will read about:

- The death of Andrzej Koszewski
- New features in Chórtownia portal
- Jakub Neske's  virtual choir
- Scientific conference for choral conductors in Zielona Gora

Andrzej Koszewski  is dead
This is a sad message - Andrzej Koszewski, composer, whose works are well known to many Polish choirs, died on February 17th. His pieces "Zdrowaś królewno wyborna" or "Kolęda I" belong to the canon of Polish choral music. Information about the deceased composer: http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrzej_Koszewski

New features in Chórtownia portal
We are constantly changing - for you and for our choral community. We hope you'll like them ;)

Recently, some new function have been deployed, among them are:
1. Enhanced choir profile: now you have possibility to easily add your favourite Youtube film to introduce your choir to the visitors; we also corrected the geolocalistation tool and some other fields (e.g. we added skype address field to the contacts)
2. Sending group messages to people associated with the choir (for choir moderator - that is a person tho entered the choir into our database or asked to be a moderator later)
3. New layout of festival list and more powerful description of the festival (inlcuding date of registration, geographical coordinates and files to download)
4. New organisation of the list of concerts and additional data describing the concert (now we'll show the list of concerts ordered by date)

Next week further modifications will be made - including enhanced translations and different language versions support.

Virtual Choir: Mironczarnia
Jakub Neske's "Mironczarnia" Virtual Choir is based on a concept created by an American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre. The participation is completely free of charge, and open to everyone.  In this Virtual Choir project we will be performing my piece called "Mironczarnia" with extraordinary lyrics written by a Polish poetMiron Białoszewski. Recently the piece was awarded by Maestro Ennio Morricone in the 1st International Competition of Choral Composition (Italy, 2014) and received Silver Platter Award  for quality repertoire from ACDA ChoralNet (USA, 2014). The result of the project will be a video assembled from all of the submitted recordings. Although all of them will be recorded separately by each singer in front of a computer screen, when combined it will sound like a real, multi-voice mixed choir.
Music scores, study material and registration form can be found on www.wirtualnychor.pl

Contemporary and historical aspects of the art of choral conducting - 11-12 March 2015.
Please feel cordially invited to Zielona Góra to the conference under the above title.
In two days interesting topics in the following thematic sections will be presented:
- Workshop conductor (in different styles, including early music, classical, entertainment)
- Conducting art teaching methods
- Conductor in the light of the psychological theory of personality
- Voice at work of the choirmaster
- Profiles of outstanding conductors and educators
- Amateur musical movement in Poland
Participation in the conference is free for students, the sessions will take place at University Rectorate building, Licealna 9 street (11th of March from 9:30 until 16:00 and 12th of March from 9:30 until 13:30). Applications can be sent to the address  i.wisniewska-salamon@wa.uz.zgora.pl until 6th of March.

That's all for this issue, but February is short and will soon be in March ;)

With choral greetings,


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