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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2018-04-29
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Choral news "Chórtownik" - April 2018

Choral news
Choral and vocal competitions in Bulgarian Kamchia / "Treasures of Music: Armenia" CDs / Summary of the action "Music against depression" / Invitation to Rybnik / Sheet music from father Cisowski / Improvements in the portal

Dear Chórtownia members!

I hope you did not worry too much about the absence of Chórtownik - first it was ill with me and then it helped me in my home renovation ;) In the April issue we are catching up with March and preparing for the summer, which will be soon!

In the issue:

1. Choral summer - competitions within "Together in the 21st century" festival in Bulgarian Kamchia
2. Adventure with "Treasures of Music: Armenia"
3. Summary of the action "Music in the fight against depression"
4. Invitation to Rybnik
5. Notes from Father Marek Cisowski
6. Technical issues

1. Choral summer - the festival "Together in the 21st century" in Bulgarian Kamchia

We gave different dates of applications, because we were not sure, but now we know 100% - applications for the festival "Together in the XXI century" can be sent to the end MAY (not April, as erroneously reported). Of course, the sooner the better. The festival website has been supplemented, including for application forms and descriptions of competitions held during the festival (recall - you can take part:
  • in a choral competition,
  • in the competition "Stars of Kamchia" organized under the patronage of UNESCO (collectively in the category of choirs and individually in many other categories),
  • in the soloists' competition as part of the festival Together in the XXI Century.
At the same time (and place) International Competition after Biser Kirov is organised, in which you can also take part individually.

More info: http://www.kamchia.org

2. Adventure with "Treasures of Music: Armenia" project

In February, we wrote that the CDs from DigiRec were released to us, but that was not the end of the project yet. The CDs had to be delivered to all participants, which turned out to be a challenge. Here is the info about the project and the final result - a CD under the same title: 


3. Summary of the action "Music in the fight against depression"

On 25 February 2018 in churches throughout Poland during the action of Opoka and Chórtownia choirs sang against depression, to publicize this problem and indicate ways of getting out of this serious illness. Fifteen choirs from all over Poland came to participate in the action, and prof. Iwona Wiśniewska-Salamon gave two lectures "Breathing with Life" in the Baltic Sea sanatorium in Kołobrzeg. On this occasion a special department was created in Opoka portal; https://depresja.opoka.org.pl. We will continue this idea because it has received a very warm reception in the vast majority of places where concerts were held for this occasion. Reserve the date - around February 23! The full list of participants is available here:


4. Invitation to Rybnik

You can already send applications for the XIV International Festival of Rybnik Autumn Choir. Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, which will take place at the beginning of November. As part of the festival, there is a choir competition in three categories: homogeneous choirs, chamber choirs (up to 24 people) and mixed choirs.


5. Notes from Father Marek Cisowski

We also recommend a visit to the section MUSIC  - you can download the sacred works of priest Marek Cisowski from Częstochowa. 

6. Technical issues

And finally technical information - ended with the so-called "warningi", which appeared after the forced migration of the portal to a newer version of PHP and problems with adding choirs and festivals - before adding some data that could be added only when editing. If someone still finds any mistake or warning - please contact me, preferably by sending a screen shot through the messenger. We submitted an application to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to modernize the portal, but unfortunately once again we did not receive any funding, therefore, we still have to deal with the method of tying the shoe with the worm.

And that's it in the April issue!

With a choral greeting



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