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Zespół Kameralny "Ad Libitum" - AL

Chamber Choir "Ad Libitum"

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Choir typechór mieszany
Age Groupdorośli
Exists since1999
Languages of communication English, Polish, Russian,
Entered 2010-10-18
Updated 2016-02-03
Moderator Dariusz Dzida
Izabella Zielecka-panek
Izabella Zielecka-Panek

Days and hours of choir repetitions
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Inicjatorką założenia w Pszowie zespołu kameralnego była Izabella Panek, która od lat była związana z Akademickim Chórem „Harmonia” cieszyńskiej filii Uniwersytetu Śląskiego. Początkowo w skład grupy śpiewaków wchodzili znajomi z pobliskich miejscowości, później do zespołu przychodziły kolejne osoby, w tym studenci i absolwenci wychowania muzycznego.

reszta tutaj:
Chamber choir "Ad libitum" was founded in 1999. Most of the members are singers of the Choir of the University of Silesia "Harmonia", graduates of Institute of Music at the University of Silesia. What is interesting, its members lives in different cities, sometimes very distant from each other - Cieszyn, Katowice, Bielsko, Racibórz, Wodzisław, Karvina (Czech Republic). Therefore each rehearsal and concert is quite a challenge to arrange. But no matter the geographical distances and professional differences, private passion of making music for each of "Ad libitum" member is becoming passion that is shared with the others. Choir is connected to scientific and artistic environment. There are conductors, who are leading their own choirs, orchestras and big-bands, PhD students, academic teachers, music therapists, culture manager, people of business and students.

"Ad libitum" choir is known for taking various, interesting music challenges, such as choral arrangements of popular music, participation in performances of poetry and music, performing during church services of Greek Catholic and Gregorian rite, taking part in opera plays, cooperation with music theatres both at home and abroad: National Opera in Kosice (Slovakia), Music Theatre in Gliwice, Orchestra of Janacek Philharmonic in Ostrava (Czech Republic), Rybnik Philharmonic, Orchestra of Podlasie Philharmonic in Białystok and conductors: Jose Maria Florencio, Antoni Wit, Marcin Nałęcz Niesiołowski, Igor Dohovic, Mirosław J. Błaszczyk and many other great musicians and singers of important opera and philharmonic stages.

Choir performed in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Thailand, South Korea, Spain and Gibraltar.

Choir received many prestigious awards at choral competitions both in Poland and abroad. Among others: Gold Medal at the International Choral Music Festival in Olomouc, "Tres bien" grade at Montreux Choral Festival in Switzerland, Gold Diploma and Wojciech Kilar special prize for contemporary music at the International Competition "Gaude Cantem" in Bielsko-Biała, Gold Diploma and two special prizes: for the best performance of old style music work and the best performance of folklore-inspired music work at the International Feliks Nowowiejski Festival in Barczewo, Gold Diplomas at the International Festival of Polish Choral Song in Międzyzdroje.

Choir has recorded several programmes for Radio and Television, works as session choir, and recorded 7 CD's.

Conductor, artistic director and manager of the "Ad libitum" Choir is Izabella Zielecka-Panek.

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