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Starting date2022-10-05
Ending date2022-10-09
Submission deadline2022-06-13
Country, CityPoland, bohol
Entered 2019-02-05 by Francesco

Philippine International Choir Competition
Singing, celebrating and enjoying life – the new international choir festival & competition in Bohol, Philippines combines all pleasures of the “Sing’n’Joy” event series in a magnificent destination in Southeast Asia.
Bohol is famous for its Chocolate Hills and the tiny Tarsiers, which exist in this province only. It’s also especially known for historic churches from the Spanish colonization. Some of them bear the honorary title “national cultural treasure”. In 2013 many of these churches were destroyed in a massive earthquake in the region.
The churches are still being rebuilt stone by stone and committed to the public. A great opportunity for a joyful musical celebration and to invite choirs from all over the world in 2020 to a huge festival.
The choir competition focusing on Folklore and Religious Music gives national and international participants the chance to compete and sing together in a peaceful contest.
Bohol is also known as the “The Jewel of the Philippines” – come and make the region the present of your personal “jewels of choral music”!



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