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We Are Singi(ng)Dunum International Festival in Serbia

Starting date2020-09-18
Ending date2020-09-20
Submission deadline2020-07-15
Country, CityPoland, BELGRADE - SERBIA
Entered 2019-11-05 by We Are Singing

Non-competitive festival for all kinds of choirs with many concerts and common singing.
The event is open to choirs and vocal ensembles of all genres, types and sizes - from church choirs to vocal bands. The Festival invites all participating ensembles to perform a 20-minute programme on the festival stages. From concert halls, churches, or open-air stages, you'll find the perfect setting for every style of music.

Our festival is an unforgettable occasion to sing with other choirs and perform all kinds of music in Belgrade and Serbia. Belgrade is a city that is changing and developing in a great pace and quality. A city that welcomes everybody. A city that nobody leaves indifferent. Belgrade the city of culture, the city of festivals & music, Belgrade – Europe’s best nightlife and fun... an inexhaustible source of energy.
Belgrade dazzling at the crossroads of European resurgence celebrates a rich mix of culture, architecture, natural combination of oriental passion and European finesse.Belgrade is now very much alive and full of positive people, energy, love, joy, smiles, sighs and sounds.
We have put together a nice program which we hope will please everyone.

Contact with Organization office serbia@wearesinging.org


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