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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2016-08-01
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Choral news Chórtownik - July 2016

Choral news Chórtownik - July 2016
Latest info about festivals and contests / Newest video of Szczecin Academy of Maritime Choir / Choirs' profiles update / Jubilees: Choir of the University of Szczecin, AZM Gliwice / Ambassadors and friends / Report of Chórtownia Foundation for 2015

Latest info about festivals and contests

Rybnik Festival, scheduled for November, extended the application deadline to mid-September: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=539

Choral Meetings in Radomsko (also in November) are waiting for the application to the end of September: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=562

You can apply for Rzeszów Carols Festival until Christmas: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=563

There are of course much more festivals in Chórtownia - feel free to search and add your own!

Newest video of Szczecin Academy of Maritime Choir

In our website recently appeared video with a great choral arrangement of the song "Paradise" by Coldplay. We invite you to watch it: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&rodzaj=multimedia&nid=6211&jezyk=1. We also encourage other choirs to add their recordings with description to the portal. In case of any technical problems, do not hestitate to contact us.

Choirs' profiles update

Holidays are a good time to update information about your choir. Since last year, the profiles can be updated with recording from Youtube and descriptions in different languages. We recommend the use of this possibility, because the movement in the site is getting bigger and bigger. 

The basic thing is the contact information - so please make an update of this info in your profile. 

There may occur two problems:

- Forgotten password (or even login and password): if password reminder function will not work properly, you can go ahead and write an email to chortownia@3w.gliwice.pl giving your feedback on the case - we will help. You can also read this first: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&rodzaj=aktualnosci&nid=5867&jezyk=1

- Other moderator: it can happen (and it happens in 90%) when the profile of your choir already exists, but you can't change anything, because you are not moderator. You should then do the following: after joining the choir ("Join the choir" button) you need to press the "Become a moderator" and wait until one of the administrators will accept your application (which can last from several minutes to 24 hours, depending if some of us is at the computer).

Jubilees: Choir of the University of Szczecin,Academic Musical Ensemble of the  Silesian University of Technology (AZM)

We make our best wishes to two choirs, which have celebrated their anniversaries recently:

Choir of the University of Szczecin celebrated its Xth anniversary with Mendelshon-Bartholdy, Haendel and Bach compositions concert under the direction of Paul Esswood (choir prepared, by conductor Tadeusz Buczkowski), more here: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&rodzaj=koncerty&nid=6201).

Concert on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of AZM took place at his alma mater in Gliwice. You can read two articles about this event here: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&type=aktualnosci&nid=6209&jezyk=1.

Chórtownia ambassadors and friends

Mindfull observers will notice the appearance of a link "Ambassadors and friends" - http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=friends

In this way, we want to especially highlight people and the choirs that help us in organization (Ambassadors) or financially (Friends).

We invite you to join them! If anyone would like to become more involved in the activities of the portal or the Foundation, please contact us via the portal.

Report of the Chórtownia Foundation 2015

And finally - a link to the report for the previous year, which is a description of what together we did (unfortunately in Polish only, but Google Translate always helps ;) ) http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&rodzaj=aktualnosci&nid=6208&jezyk=1

Thank you!

PS. Chórtownik is prepared based on chortownia.org site - feel invited to publish your content here..

Translation: Mateusz Kozłowski


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