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Starting date: 2016-08-21
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Cultural Week of Haghartsin Monastery/Armenia

Cultural Week of Haghartsin Monastery/Armenia
The "Little Singers of Armenia" on the Opening Ceremony of the Cultural Week of Haghartsin Monastery /Armenia/Tavoush

On 15-21 August the Haghartsin Monastery (Armenia/Tavoush Region) held the Cultural Week of Haghartsin.
According to Diocese of Tavoush Bishop Bagrat, they elected a Haghartsin Monastery as a first medieval institution of higher learning, as well as a music center, wich today can be returned to its former glory.
These 7 days in the event along with the monastery were also numerous armenian national exhibitions. crafts, dishes from the kitchen, open air movie screening, and for sure each day was full of armenian sacred music performed by the armenian known choirs. 

The opening ceremony of Haghartsin cultural week launched the " Little Singers of Armenia " choir sacred music concert . "Tavush Children" choir also took part in the concert. That was a great honor for Tavush Children Choir to sing toghether with the Little Singers of Armenia choir. 

This is the best way to introduce the Armenian Culture to the world.


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