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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2016-11-01
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​Choral news - Chórtownik October 2016

​Choral news - Chórtownik October 2016
Interesting information for choirs and choral conductors. We invite you to read!III

In this issue:

- A call for the project "Music Treasure: Armenia"
- The festival "Music everywhere" in Gdansk
- International Festival of Sacred Music CARMEN FIDEI in Lomza (Poland)
- Report from the festival in Lloret de Mar in Spain
- The invitation to cooperation and thanks to the active users
- Follow us on Twitter

A call for the project "Music Treasure: Armenia"

In cooperation with our partners, we are pleased to announce an international project to release a CD. Choirs from all over the world, who have Armenian songs in their repertoire can send their recordings to be placed on the album similar to the "The Sound of Europe II". We are waiting for participants until the end of the year.
Armenia: Christina Sheroyan, acca1113 @ gmail.com, + 374 93 75 75 87,
Poland Justyna Dziuma, chortownia@3w.gliwice.pl, +48 507 075 679
Details at: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&rodzaj=aktualnosci&nid=6289&jezyk=1000

The festival "Music everywhere" in Gdansk

Battle of the voices and singing parade - III Festival "Music is everywhere!" This year's event brought a lot of news. Among them, the first contest in Poland "A Vista": choirs had only 24 hours to prepare from scratch and perform a song written especially for the festival. Additional information on this topic (in Polish): http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&nid=6304&jezyk=1

III International Festival of Sacred Music CARMEN FIDEI in Lomza (Poland)

In September, the festival was held in Lomza, which was attended by 20 choirs from Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Special guest was the composer Arsen Harutyunyan and Brest Street Boys Choir from Brest in Belarus.
Additional information: http://www.choral.art.pl/?vaction=newsy&nid=6260&jezyk=1

Report from the festival in Lloret de Mar in Spain

VI International Festival and Choir Competition "Canco Mediterrania" International Choir Competition after Pau Casals in Lloret de Mar (near Barcelona) is a history now. Here is the report from this great event:

Invitation to cooperation and due to active users

Great thanks to all users who contribute to our portal. Many choirs (from Poland, Armenia and Bulgaria) only appeared in the portal - you are welcome! Of course, we strongly encourage you to enter information about upcoming concerts, which drives you burn, festivals that organize, anniversaries that you celebrate and any other information you consider important. Chórtownik is created based on materials from the portal Chórtownia - so if you want yur event to be included, please publish info in advance, so that we could choose and prepare your content! It's free!

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