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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2017-03-24
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Choral News "Chórtownik" - March 2017

Choral News
In this number: Become the patron of the CD 'Treasures of Music: Armenia’ / We prolong the term of applications for the 'Treasures of Music: Armenia’ project / New choirs in Chórtownia / Invitations to festivals / New video - Ave Maris Stella

The carol season and the winter holidays are past, so we may start the SPRING!

In this number:

1. Become the patron of the CD 'Treasures of Music: Armenia’
2. We prolong the term of applications for the 'Treasures of Music: Armenia’ project
3. The new choirs in Chórtownia
4. Invitations to festivals
5. New video - Ave Maris Stella

1. Become the patron of the CD 'Treasures of Music: Armenia’

Did you know the first works of Beethoven was made possible by subscription, i.e. prototype of crowdfunding? We are always available for you for free, but sometimes we also need a support. That’s why we ask you for help today. You can help not only with money!

Link to the crowdfunding campaign is here: 

There is also a possibility to donate directly by paypal: chortownia@3w.gliwice.pl                                                       

2. We prolong the term of applications for the 'Treasures of Music: Armenia’ project

Every cloud has a silver line - thanks for that our budget for CD hasn’t been already closed we may still wait for your applications until May. This project is worth participating! Details: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&nid=6419&jezyk=1000 

3. New choirs in Chórtownia

We welcome to our portal the new choirs which have been recently registrated. They are inter alia:
- The Jaśliska’s Chamber Choir conducted by Edyta Wilczek
- Mixed choir 'Klaster’ from Zabrze conducted by Barbara Gajek-Kraski
- The Choir 'Cantante’ from Iwonicze conducted by Grzegorz Przepióra
- The Choir of Saint Kamil’s parish in Zabrze conducted by Zuzanna Biniek and Tomasz Jamrozik
- The "Culture Mine’s Choir" from Czeladź conducted by Agata Krajewska
and all the others choirs which wasn’t mentioned above.

We also observe the numerous actualizations about the choirs - we thank all the moderators and congratulate them! Surely you have noticed that in preview of choir profile there is now a new option - "last updated" which let the viewer to get know if the information are current. From the last holidays the profiles was updated exactly by 100 choirs! It's really great!

Only 48 choirs have their video records attached to the profile. We are inviting you to add this information - by doing so you can present your choir in the light you choose. Here's a link to the crib how to do it: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&nid=6347&jezyk=1

4. Invitations to different festivals

  • Belarus, Mohylew, 26-29th of June 2017. On Chórtownia has appeared an annoucement about the festival in Mohylew in Belarus - very outstanding festival in the city, which have 750th anniversary this year. Unfortunately only in russian - but there is always Google Translate, isn’t it. Applications until 20th April. By the way, the visa to Belarus is needed.
  • Kamchia, Bulgaria, 17-31th of July 2017. Our TOP ONE among festivals regarding "the circumstances of nature" and friendly atmoshpere. The festival has its own website:  http://www.kamchia.org
  • Lloret de Mar, Barcelona, Spain, 12-17th September 2017. The deadline of application has been shortened to the end of April because of organization’s issues!
  • Poznań, Poland, 20th May, 2017. III Polish Nationwide Choral Competition of Old Music 'Ars Longa’ patroned of Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki (III Ogólnopolski Konkurs Chóralny Muzyki Dawnej). All the applications are being accepted until the end of March.
We invite you to visit all the festivals on our portal - there is much more of them.
We willingly promote other festivals if you add them to our portal, feel free to use our plaftorm for free.

5. A video 'Ave Maris Stella’ by Choir of Maritime University of Szczecin

And at the end: Choir of Maritime University of Szczecin conducted by Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch presents their new video. The music background for pictures from Szczecin is piece "Ave maris stella" ("Welcome the star of the sea") composed by Paweł Łukaszewski. 

We admire both singers and the conductor - the weather conditions wasn’t so easy. Art need a devotion ;)
Take a look at this video: http://choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&rodzaj=multimedia&nid=6408&jezyk=1

With choral greetings,

Translated by Magda Klara


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