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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2017-11-20
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Recordings for CD "Treasures of Music: Armenia"

Recordings for CD
International project "Treasures of Music: Armenia" announced last year will soon be finished. Mixed Choir KLASTER from Zabrze has just made audio recordings for this CD

"Treasures of Music: Armenia" is the name of an international cultural project - CDs under the title, containing Armenian music performed by choirs from different countries.

This is our modest contribution to the popularization of practically unknown music of the country, which is the cradle of Christian civilization.

Each choir who would produce and record at least one song from the Armenian composers' repertoire could be invited to the project. The list of performers is currently being picked up by the international jury. Choirs that will be on the album will receive their own free distribution of the dics.

Most of the songs are from Armenia, but there are also choirs from Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Moldova. One of them is Mixed Choir Klaster from Zabrze, which has existed for a year and is conducted by Dr. Barbara Gajek-Kraska. Recordings were made by Studio B1 in the beautiful Hall of Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze (pictured).

The conductor and the choristers admit that the work on this record was a great challenge - from the selection of repertoire, through the translation of text and mastering the pronunciation. The Armenian language is written in a separate alphabet developed around 405 by Mesrop Mashtoc, the same one that also invented Georgian alphabet. In Armenian, there are sounds that do not exist in the Polish language, which is difficult to pronounce for foreigners.

The project is organized by the Chórtownia Foundation, which runs an internationally known choir portal for choirs, which co-creates choral music lovers. Chórtownia also invites choirs from abroad, organizes IT seminars and workshops with Polish choral music in the East, e.g. within the Polish-Armenian-Moldovan project "In terra pax". It also released "The Sound of Europe II" featuring choral music from seven countries: Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia. The address of the portal, containing almost a thousand choirs, several hundred festivals and scores of music is https://chortownia.org.

Co-organizer of this project is Armenian Choral Conductors' Association, Armenian coordinator is Christina Sheroyan. The project is co-funded by the Armenian Union in Poland. The remaining funds come from the crowdfunding campaign conducted this spring and sponsors.

The CD will be ready at the end of this year.


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