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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2018-02-08
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Chortownik - choral news. February 2018

Chortownik - choral news. February 2018
In the issue:

1. Action "Music against depression"
2. The "Treasures of Music: Armenia" project has been completed
3. Invitations to festivals in Poland and abroad
4. Technical problems of "Chortownia" site

1. Action "Music against depression"

On February 23rd in Poland here is a Day Against Depression. For this reason, on Sunday, February 25, in churches throughout Poland, the choirs will send out depression from the surrounding area. The action aims to make people aware that depression is a difficult but fully curable illness and an indication of where and how to seek help. Each choir sings on that day in the church of his choice during and / or after the mass (in agreement with the parish priest), and the action coordinator from Opoka contacts the parish priest to agree on the details.

Details and contact on the coordinator (Polish only):

Participation has been confirmed by five choirs for now, we're waiting for the next ones! We invite also choirs outside Poland to join the action. List of places and participants:

Department dedicated to depression in OPOKA portal: https://depresja.opoka.org.pl

Or maybe we will inspire you to organize similar action in your country?

2. The "Treasures of Music: Armenia" project has been completed

It was a very long and difficult project, but the effect is worth the effort! The album "Treasures of Music: Armenia" contains 26 works with the Armenian repertoire performed by 14 choirs from Poland, Armenia, Ukraine, Germany and Moldova.

More (in English): https://chortownia.org/index.php?vaction=newsy&rodzaj=aktualnosci&nid=6758&jezyk=1000


3. Invitations to festivals in Poland and abroad

Recently, there have been some interesting festival and competition proposals, for which you can still submit applications:

1st CHOIR IN MOTION Choir Music Festival organized in mid-May in Łódź, where your choir can shine with choreography:

6th Choral Song Competition Czesław Prudel in Lyski (mid-April), that promotes the work of Czesław Prudel: https://chortownia.org/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=743

Stars of the Northern Venice - a new competition in St. Petersburg organized during the famous white nights - https://chortownia.org/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=741

and the summer festival of International Art Meetings "Together in the 21st Century" in Kamchia, during which, apart from the choral competition, you can take part in the "Stars of Kamchia" competition organized under UNESCO's patronage and in the vocal competition to commemorate Biser Kirova. And all this only 150m from the golden beach of the Black Sea - https://chortownia.org/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=742​

4. Technical problems of the "Chórtownia" site

Dear Users! At the beginning of the year, we were forced to unplanned migration of the entire site to the new version of PHP, because the SSL certificate that was installed at the end of the year didnt work with the old version and some of you certainly noticed that the site sometimes did not work. Now it works in general, but some features (eg. adding festivals, choirs or concerts) return error messages. We have written an application to the Polish Ministry of Culture to modernize the portal and we look forward to the results - we hope that the Ministry will consider our portal to be worth attention and we will be able to do a complete upgrade of the code. Meanwhile, we ask for your understanding while using the portal (everything can be added and edited, only these messages are very confusing).

And that's all in this issue.

With a choral greeting,


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