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Starting date: 2020-04-28
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Choristers of all countries - unite!

Choristers of all countries - unite!
Richard Zieliński - conductor of the Zieliński Singers Group (USA)
invites you to participate in the "FREUDE - JOY!" ROJECT

Richard Zieliński - conductor of the Zieliński Singers Group (US)
invites you to participate in the "FREUDE - JOY!" ROJECT


Here is a letter he sent to Choristers from different parts of the world.

    In 2020, the world was planning to celebrate Beethoven's 250^th
      birthday. The world is now fighting a virus that has changed the
    way we will live together. To survive this ordeal, we must unite our
    souls and voices in fellowship and spread the good news of
    Schiller’s "Ode to Joy" text and Beethoven's music. Let us unite and
    lead people of all beliefs to "merge into a world of Harmony and
    Reason." - Maximianno Cobra
    I invite you to please join us in "PROJECT FREUDE - JOY!" as we
    gathersingers from around the globe to record six excerpts from
    Beethoven's SYMPHONY No.9, movement 4, (see attached B9 Score) that
    we will combine into a virtual performance that will premiere on May
    7, 2020. This is the same day Beethoven's SYMPHONY No.9 was first
    performed in1824. Please consider joining us in what we believe will
    be a moving tribute.
    To ensure the final product comes out as professional as possible
    here are a few guidelines.
    *Instructions for recording:*
    Look like you are performing. Hair, clothing, make-up, should all be
    performance ready. Dress in dark solid clothing. While you are
    performing be animated and move as if this is a live performance.
    Sing out as if you were performing live. Look up and down from your
    sheet music. When you are looking up, the camera is your audience.
    Be engaging. When you are not singing, keep your focus up while
    waiting for your next part to sing. Hold your Beethoven score and be
    ready to perform
    Excerpts 1 (m. 238), 2 (m. 257), 3 (285), 5 (m. 411), 6 (m. 543) and
    12 (m. 845)
    Record your video on your laptop, tablet, or phone using the highest
    quality you can. 1920x1080 resolution if possible. If you're using a
    tablet or phone, make sure your phone is horizontal (landscape) and
    not vertical (portrait). If at all possible, use a tripod for your
    device or sit the device on something sturdy and stationary. Don’t
    handhold the camera. Avoid any low or high camera angles. Try to
    have the camera parallel to your face.
    (see attached samples)
    Find a quiet place. Make sure the ambient noise (dishwashers, fire
    trucks, barking dogs, children, TVs, etc.) is at a minimum. The goal
    is to get a good, clean sound. Use headphones to listen to the
    prerecorded Beethoven No 9 concert. Follow along with the conducting
    and with the sheet music. You don't want the prerecorded audio to be
    in your video recording - just your voice/instrument. Wear
    headphones and follow the music. The link to the video you should
    sing along to is below.
    Find an evenly well-lit space inside your home. Window light and/or
    indoors with all the lights on. Position yourself in the center of
    the shot, and make sure you're filling up the frame. Try to remove
    extra clutter from the background as well as photos of people but it
    is good that it still looks like a home. Try not to stand too close
    to a wall or other objects.
    Record your video all in one piece from start to finish.
    Playback the recording and make sure it looks and sounds good. Once
    you are happy with your recording save the recording using any
    standard video file format. .mp4, .mov, .avi all work great. Use the
    highest quality video export settings for your device.
    When you name your file, use your first and last name as a part of
    the file name. Your_Name.mp4 (or .mov, etc.)
    When your video is ready to upload email krystyn@bold-multimedia.com
    krystyn@bold-multimedia.com>  and an invitation to a DropBox
    link will be sent to you. The video will be too large of a file to
    send via email. Please put your video in the DropBox folder by My 1st.
    With appreciation and love,
   Richard Zielinski

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