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Choir: Armenian Choral Conductors' Association
Country: Armenia
Starting date: 2020-12-19
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WORLD CHORAL DAY - Armenia 2020

WORLD CHORAL DAY - Armenia 2020

WORLD CHORAL DAY is celebrated every year under the umbrella of the International Federation for Choral Music. 
This year Armenia again joined World Choral Day and dedicated it to the heroes of the Artsakh War.
The event was organized by the Komitas festival NGO in assistance with the Armenian Choral Conductors' Association NGO with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia.
7 live choirs from Armenia and Artsakh and 7 choirs from Berd (Armenia), Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Moldova, Switzerland and USA participated online.

Today we had to be silent and listen ... respect and remember ... think and act.
Thank you to all the conductors and choirs, who spared no effort and energy in difficult conditions for all of us, unitedly embarked on our unique idea.
Regards to our foreign partners for urgent response and participation.
Special thanks to Tigran Hekekyan, who is exemplary for each of us in his activities, is ready to pave the way for our ideas to flourish even in the most daring and invisible heights.
Special thanks to Academy Film Production for presenting our wonderful homeland in magical colors, to Ruben Galichyan for a powerful historical reflection, to Nairi Partakjian for put into words our thoughts, to the management of the Komitas Chamber Music Hall for warmly hosting us.
And our deep gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports for their support.
Arar choir, conductor Gor Melkumyan
Agape choir, conductor Mariya Galstyan
Children of Artsakh choir, conductor Luiza Grigoryan
Little Singers of Armenia choir, conductor Tigran Hekekyan
LSA Handbell choir, director Donavon Gray
Tavush Diocese Children choir, conductor Kristine Sheroyan
National Chamber Choir of Armenia, conductor Robert Mlkeyan
Berd St. Johannes Church Choir, conductor Hermine Palanduzyan
Coro Calicantus, conductor Mario Fontana (Switzerland)
Alumnis of Efroni choir, conductor Maya Shavit (Israel)
Hamazkayin Western USA Nayirian choir, conductor Lusine Meliksetyan (USA)
Rapsodia choir, conductor Nataliya Barabanschikova (Moldova)
Shogher choir, conductor Armine Babayan (Germany)
Ugnele Children’s choir, conductor Valerija Skapienė (Lithuania)

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