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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2015-05-30
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Choral news "Chórtownik" - May 2015

Choral news
In this issue:
1. CD "The Sound of Europe II"
2. Choirs from Georgia and Armenia ready to exchange!
3. Patronages
4. Jakub Neske Virtual Choir - last chance to participate
5. Armenia, my world - info about the festival

CD "The Sound of Europe II"
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At the end of April 2015, the CD containing choral national music from 7 countries was released. On the CD there are recordings from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary.  Detailed list of performers and more info about the CD can be found at  http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&rodzaj=aktualnosci&nid=5810&jezyk=1000. The CD is not meant for sale - the majority of discs went to choirs participating in this project and will be distributed by them. However, there is a possibility to get one - if you are interested, please contact us  at chortownia@3w.gliwice.pl
The CD was issued by Chórtownia foundation, with financial help of the Sponsor, HTM Sp z o.o. from Gliwice, who is the importer of Japanese CNC machines OKUMA. Many thanks!

Choirs from Georgia and Armenia ready to exchange!
In the end of April and beginning of May we went to Georgia and Armenia to realize the project "International choral  cooperation on the basis of IT technology", financed by the programme "Region in transition - RITA".  During this trip we  made seminars in Tbilisi and Yerevan for choral conductors, introducing the Chórtownia portal and showing how to use it.  Some technical problems that we discovered during the seminar are corrected already. 
The result of the seminar can be seen in the site: there are app. 20 new choir profiles from Tbilisi and Yerevan,  that are eager to cooperate with ther countries, and also some users from Georgia and Armenia, mainly choral conductors.
Exept it, we started cooperation with Mikeladze Center in Georgia, and we have already some plans for the future.
In Armenia,  thanks to great engagement of the Armenian Choral Conductors Assciation, our delegation was used in 150%, with short breaks for sleep:

- we participated in the contert of the  "Little Singers of Armenia" conducted by  Tigran Hekekyan and Maya Shavit from Israel, devoted to 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide
- we visited Armenian Genocide Memorial, and commemorated  its victims by the minute of the silence, by the eternal fire
- Krystyna Krzyżanowska-Łoboda from Poland conducted choral masterclass with "Khazer" chamber choir from Yerevan
- Natalia Barabanshikova from Moldova worked with children choir from one of Yerevan schools
- we were guests at the closing gala of the festival "Singing Armenia", that took place in the building od the opera after  A. Khachaturian in Yerevan 
We cordially invite our new users to contact to other choir in our database. Geoargia and Armenia are wonderful countries, and its habitants are very warm and open. And sing like angels ;) 

We are very pleased to be patrons of the following:
1. Jakub Neske Virtual Choir - more info below
2. 12th International Festival of the University Choirs "Universitas Cantat": http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=438
3. IV INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CHORAL MUSIC "For the gold ribbon of Solcha" in Eisiski, Lithuania: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=392
4. PER MUSICAM AD ASTRA - 3rd International Copernicus Choir Festiwal & Competition: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=386
5. XI International Festival RYBNIK CHORAL AUTUMN after Henryk Mikołaj Górecki: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=festiwal_view&fwid=436 - registration is open until the end of June.

Jakub Neske Virtual Choir 
Jakub Neske's "Mironczarnia" Virtual Choir is based on a concept created by an American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre. The participation is free of charge, and open to everyone.  In this Virtual Choir project we will be performing the piece called "Mironczarnia. The result of the project will be a video assembled from all of the submitted recordings. Although all of them will be recorded separately by each singer in front of a computer screen, when combined it will sound like a real, multi-voice mixed choir.
Music scores, study material and registration form can be found on http://j.neske.eu/wirtualnychor/ - officially submissions are until end of May, but you can send them even 2-3 days later.

Armenia, my world
The first regional choral festival for children and youth choirs in Armenia took place in the city of Gavar. The festival was organised by the Armenian Choral Conductors Association and the Municipality of Gavar. 
The festival was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide - the symbol showing, that Armenia is living and developing thanks to its youth. Over 300 children took part in this festival. 
More info (in Russian only) here: http://www.choral.art.pl/index.php?vaction=newsy&nid=5816&jezyk=3


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