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Applications for the EuroChoir session 2024 are still open!

2024-01-25, JoŽi Vovk_european Choral Association No valuations
"MUSIC - Supporting People in Depression" campaign summary
40 participants from 7 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Great Britain, Kosovo and Ukraine) organized open rehearsals, workshops, singing for health, online lectures and singing at holy masses.
2023-10-19, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
​Invitation to the "MUSIC - Supporting People in Depression" campaign
On October 10th, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. On this occasion, we invite choirs and conductors to the international educational and artistic campaign "Music - Supporting People in Depression". Applications by October 1st, 2023
2023-09-13, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Short report from the "Completorium - Gorczycki: Chórtownia Workshop Choir" project
All's well that ends well. On Sunday, September 3rd 2023 project “Gorczycki - Completorium” of the Chortownia’s Workshop Choir ended with a concert in Gliwice.
2023-09-07, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Come and sing Polish baroque music
On the first weekend of September we invite you to take part in Workshop Choir which will prepare and perform G.G.Gorczycki's pieces, the magnificent Polish baroque composer, ofter named the Polish Haendel.
2023-06-10, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
PEER TO PEER TRAINING_financial support offered by the European Choral Association
Deadline: The invitation is open until the funds are exhausted.
2023-02-19, JoŽi Vovk_european Choral Association No valuations
European Choral Association online webinar: "Collective Singing as intangible cultural heritage"
Mark your calendar for March 29 at 17:00 CET to not miss our first webinar of the year!
2023-02-19, JoŽi Vovk_european Choral Association No valuations
With the implementation of the new development strategy, the European Choral Association is reaching out to the countries of Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
2023-02-19, JoŽi Vovk_european Choral Association No valuations
Creators from six continents participate in the 16th International Creative Meeting and Festival “Together in the 21st Century”, which is held under the motto: “SOPHIA INVITES THE ART OF FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE”.
2021-04-06, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Choral Competition Victoria SingingDunum rescheduled NEW DATES 17-19 September 2021
In light of the current public health crisis We Are Singing announces his rescheduled Choral Competition Victoria SingingDunum
NEW DATES 17-19 September 2021
2021-02-18, We Are Singing No valuations
New approach to choral events
​Gent Lazri, founder of a new International Academy for Choral Arts CHORALSPACE and a project developer of the CHORALSPACE WINTER FESTIVAL is interviewed by Justyna Dziuma from International Choral Portal Chórtownia.
2021-02-12, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
WORLD CHORAL DAY - Armenia 2020
2021-01-07, Kristine Sheroyan No valuations
WORLD CHORAL DAY - Armenia 2020
2021-01-07, Kristine Sheroyan No valuations
Protect Armenian Cultural & Historical Sites in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)
The areas with priceless Armenian monuments have come under the control of Azerbaijan and are threatened with destruction. Please urgently sign the petition to UNESCO to act immediately on the protection of historical heritage.
2020-11-11, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
20.08.2020 - OPENING CEREMONY of the 15th "International Meeting TOGETHER IN 21st CENTURY" - #vmestevxxiveke #vmestev21veke
We are waiting for you all everyday at 17.00 of Bulgarian time (GMT+3). 20.08.2020 - opening live! All concerts will be saved on YouTube, on the Festival website, on the Festival page on Facebook and on other resources.
2020-08-20, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Final info about #calapolskaspiewawdomu (the whole Poland sings at home) project
On June 23, 2020, we closed admission of recordings to the project and we are finishing the publication of all films, but this is only the beginning of the second life of this project!
2020-07-13, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
The whole Poland sings at home
Choir conductors from all over Poland teach singing popular and national Polish songs for three voices on YouTube! #stayathomeandpractise
2020-04-22, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Choristers of all countries - unite!
Richard Zieliński - conductor of the Zieliński Singers Group (USA)
invites you to participate in the "FREUDE - JOY!" ROJECT
2020-04-28, Lck Voters: 1
French adventure
Report from the XXiVth International Choral Festival in Provence
2019-07-16, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Festival "Together in XXIst century" in Kamchia, Bulgaria
The one-week creative meeting and festival “Together in the XXI Century” in Bulgaria, in Kamchia near Varna, bringing together singers, musicians, dance and choral groups of different nationalities and all ages, ended July 30, 2019.
2019-08-05, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
PER MUSICAM AD ASTRA 7th International Copernicus Choir Festival & Competition
Choirs from Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, RSA, Taiwan & USA will take part in the Festival which will be held in Toruń, Poland, from 29th of June to 3rd of July 2019.
2019-06-19, Per Musicam Ad Astra No valuations
Krystyna Krzyzanowska - Loboda has been awarded the Honorary Prize of the Association of the Friends of the Gliwice Region (SPZG) !!!
2019-05-17, Łukasz Łoboda No valuations
Sakartvelo lamazo
My Georgian adventures with Rapsodia. From Kamchia to Kutaisi.
2018-08-19, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
The Report on the activities of the Foundation for 2017
Like every year at this time, we present You with a report on our activities, and ask for feedback on what we can do better.
2018-07-06, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Georgian music masterclass
During the festival in Kamchia there will be open Georgian music workshops led by one of the best conductors of Georgia, Kakhaber Onashvili.
2018-07-08, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Presentation of the album "Treasures of Music: Armenia" in Yerevan
On June 25, the capital of Armenia will host a grand concert-presentation of a CD containing Armenian folk music performed by 14 choirs from 5 countries: Poland, Armenia, Germany, Moldova and Ukraine.
2018-06-21, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Choral news "Chórtownik" - April 2018
Choral and vocal competitions in Bulgarian Kamchia / "Treasures of Music: Armenia" CDs / Summary of the action "Music against depression" / Invitation to Rybnik / Sheet music from father Cisowski / Improvements in the portal
2018-04-29, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Chortownik - choral news. February 2018
In the issue:

1. Action "Music against depression"
2. The "Treasures of Music: Armenia" project has been completed
3. Invitations to festivals in Poland and abroad
4. Technical problems of "Chortownia" site
2018-02-08, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Chórtownik - Choral News December 2017
1. Wishes for all Chortownia users
2. New issues of "Silesian Singer"
3. Competition with prizes - CD's of VRC Choir
4. Where to go for summer festival?
5. 1000 choirs in Chortownia site!
2018-01-02, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
​1000 choirs on the Chortownia site!
Last week a new choir joined us, and now there are 1000 choirs on our portal.
2017-12-04, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Recordings for CD "Treasures of Music: Armenia"
International project "Treasures of Music: Armenia" announced last year will soon be finished. Mixed Choir KLASTER from Zabrze has just made audio recordings for this CD
2017-11-20, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Composers competition LEGNICA CANTAT 2018
Deadline: 12th of February 2018
2017-10-25, Lck No valuations
Some words about Tbilisi Choral Music International Festival
In 2017 a historic stage for Georgia has ended by visa free travel (VLAP) implementation within the EU countries. This process of international integration should not be limited only by travel and excursions possibility.
2017-10-07, ნანა ნამორაძე No valuations
Report on the activity of the Chórtownia Foundation for 2016
Boredom, as usual… but seriously – we are proud of what we have done together last year!
2017-07-16, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
International masterclass in choir conducting.Saint-Petersburg .Russia 21/-27/2017
Third international masterclass in choir conducting will take place in Saint-Petersburg from 21 till 27 of August. Professor - honoured artist of Russia, professor of Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory , Boris Abalyan.
2017-05-01, Александра Макарова No valuations
Do you want to sing in Spain with your choir?
2017-04-27, Marina Kaudasch No valuations
Choral News "Chórtownik" - March 2017
In this number: Become the patron of the CD 'Treasures of Music: Armenia’ / We prolong the term of applications for the 'Treasures of Music: Armenia’ project / New choirs in Chórtownia / Invitations to festivals / New video - Ave Maris Stella
2017-03-24, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Treasures of Music: Armenia - press information about the project and crowdfunding compaing
Take a look and become a patron of this unique project!
2017-03-04, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
"Treasures of Music: Armenia" choral project - change of deadline and links to materials
We move the deadline to the project to May 2017, and due to many requests from conductors, we also give links to sources where Armenian music is available
2017-02-06, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
​Choral news - Chórtownik October 2016
Interesting information for choirs and choral conductors. We invite you to read!III
2016-11-01, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Treasures of Music: Armenia - new project announcement
Project for choirs from different countries willing to participate in a CD with Armenian national music
2016-10-20, Justyna Dziuma Voters: 1
Report from the festival in Lloret de Mar
Report from the festival "Canco Mediterranea" and the choral contest after Pau Casals in Lloret de Mar in Spain. 13rd-18th September 2016.
2016-09-19, Justyna Dziuma Voters: 1
Choral news Chórtownik - August 2016
In this issue: update you info / Good practise form parnter site / "Merry Wanderer" - Norbert Blacha / Towards Polyphony - competition for conductors / Invitations / Plans
2016-09-01, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Cultural Week of Haghartsin Monastery/Armenia
The "Little Singers of Armenia" on the Opening Ceremony of the Cultural Week of Haghartsin Monastery /Armenia/Tavoush
2016-08-21, Kristine Sheroyan No valuations
7th International Choir Conducting Competition 'Towards Polyphony'
We look forward for applications till 10th of September
2016-08-17, Marta Kierska No valuations
International Senior Music Competition
8-9 of October 2016

Szczecin, Poland

Festival for choirs which members are 50+ years old!
2016-08-16, Urszula Żmijewska No valuations
The Tbilisi Choral Music VI International Festival 2016 - report
The Festival in Tbilisi Georgia took place from 2-12 of April, 2016.
2016-08-05, ნანა ნამორაძე No valuations
Choral news Chórtownik - July 2016
Latest info about festivals and contests / Newest video of Szczecin Academy of Maritime Choir / Choirs' profiles update / Jubilees: Choir of the University of Szczecin, AZM Gliwice / Ambassadors and friends / Report of Chórtownia Foundation for 2015
2016-08-01, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
The recruitment process for Universitas Cantat 2017 is still open!
2016-06-03, Bartosz F. No valuations
Chórtownik - Choral news January 2016
In this issue: 1. Thanksgiving to our Donors/Sponsors; 2. Festival in Szczecin is waiting for registration until 1.02; 3. Relation from our project in Armenia; 4. Looking for partner to exchange - a choir from UE country
2016-01-11, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Peace to the Earth!
On December 14, in the Chamber Music Hall after Komitas, the “Armenia’s small singers” choir, directed by Tigran Heqeqyan, performed a concert within the “Peace to the Earth” project. The concert called to unite the humanity around the idea of peace.
2015-12-29, Kristine Sheroyan No valuations
Chortownik - choral news, September 2015
In this issue: Invitation to Cieszyn to the First International Music Festival after J.Swider; Call for Festival in Szczecin in March 2015; Mdzlevari in Poland; Singing Komitas in Yerevan; Help and tech info for our users. Happy reading!
2015-09-25, Justyna Dziuma Voters: 1
Improved logging into Chórtownia portal
For our users we have simplified logging into our portal. Please get familiar with changes!
2015-07-13, Justyna Dziuma Voters: 2
"Singing Tour"
We offer vacation tour in Georgia (with or without concerts).
It is an all-year-round activity with changes of summer seaside stop into winter mounting skiing, depended on season and individual wishes of singing tourists.
2015-06-20, ნანა ნამორაძე Voters: 1
Choral news "Chórtownik" - May 2015
In this issue:
1. CD "The Sound of Europe II"
2. Choirs from Georgia and Armenia ready to exchange!
3. Patronages
4. Jakub Neske Virtual Choir - last chance to participate
5. Armenia, my world - info about the festival
2015-05-30, Justyna Dziuma Voters: 2
Seminar for choral conductors and managers - Yerevan 1.05.2015
We cordially invite choirs and culture organisers to a FREE seminar within a project "Development of the international cooperation of choirs based on web technology"
2015-04-01, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Seminar for choral conductors and managers - Tbilisi, 26.04.2015
We cordially invite choirs and culture organisers to a FREE seminar within a project "Development of the international cooperation of choirs based on web technology"
2015-03-09, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Chortownik - choral news. February 2015
In the February issue of Chórtownik you will read about:
- The death of Andrzej Koszewski
- New features in Chórtownia portal
- Jakub Neske's virtual choir
- Scientific conference for choral conductors in Zielona Gora
2015-02-23, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Jakub Neske's Mironczarnia Virtual Choir
The newest project based on the Virtual Choir concept created by Eric Whitacre.
2015-02-17, Jakub Neske Voters: 1
Project "The Sound of Europe II"
We issue an international panel of national songs from 7 countries - join us!
2014-10-29, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
wanted conductor
in England
2013-02-12, Dobry Duch Voters: 1
A może do Moskwy?
Dostałam info o organizowanym w Moskwie międzynarodowym kongresie chóralnym. Info w załączeniu
2011-01-26, Justyna Dziuma No valuations
Brest Street Boys
won evrybody over and charmed all people
2010-03-03, Алла Игумнова Voters: 2


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