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Choir: Fundacja Chórtownia
Country: Poland
Starting date: 2017-12-04
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​1000 choirs on the Chortownia site!

​1000 choirs on the Chortownia site!
Last week a new choir joined us, and now there are 1000 choirs on our portal.

1000 choirs are an important milestone for the portal - we did not expect the choir base to grow to this size. What is even more interesting, the data is constantly updated by the chorus moderators: since January 1 of this year 99 profiles have been added or updated, and for the last three years this number is 300.

Over time, choral profiles have become richer - now you can add not only descriptions and contact details, but also photos and YouTube videos (one per profile). We also intend to expand data for conductors - the ability to add biographies and photographs. Thanks to this people will promote promotional materials for festivals and concerts.

We also recommend that you translate information about the choirs - now the portal is available in several languages, and statistics show that it is visited by users from many countries who do not necessarily speak English. If yu want to make contacts with Eastern choirs, please try to translate your info into Russian.

Updating of the chorus data can be performed by the moderator. If the moderator stored in the system no longer performs its functions, another person can replace it. Simply in the choir view, click "Join the choir" and then "I want to become a moderator". Then the order will be sent to the portal administrator who will accept it, and then the new moderator will be able to update the data.

Users who forgot their password on the portal can receive a new password via this link: https://chortownia.org/?vaction=password_form

If the mail does not arrive (which sometimes happens), please contact us by email chortownia@3w.gliwice.pl


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